Intelligent One


The quickest and easiest way to leave your mark

Intelligent One is a fully autonomous GPS guided sports field line marking robot.  Electrically self propelled with state of the art control and customization


User Friendly App

Our proprietary app is easy to use.  Every component of the robot can be controlled here and a real time diagnostics system all for any problem to be quickly resolved.

Use the app and tablet supplied with our system to customize any of our 45 sporting fields to your location, add paint and hit go.  Its that easy


Maximum Precision

Intelligent One employs a RTK-GNSS system which ensures high accuracy and positioning, using both GPS and GLONASS satellites, providing a deviation of only +/- 1cm.  Overmarking of existing fields can be achieved quick and closer than traditional methods


The power to work

Our Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (Li-NMC) battery provides enough power to complete 4 soccer field marking our around 4 hours of continuous operation.  Our rapid charger can have you going again in 2 hours.


Just add paint

No Intelligent One is ready to mark.  Just add paint.

With over 50 years experience in the sports lighting industry we can provide anything from new installation designs through to maintenance program to ensure you are very left in the dark!

IO Success Story

Learn more about how Intelligent One can improve the way you leave your mark.

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